Will Satchwell

📸 Award winning photographer
🇬🇧 Warwickshire/Surrey
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The Bit About Me...

So you want to book me...

Photography has always been part of my life. Even from my first Kodak camera in 1995 i was obsessed. I was very lucky when younger to have some very inspirational people around me who really put me on the right path.

A  weeks worth of experience at Corporate Edge graphic design studio in Hammersmith, London was all it took to take me from being interested in photography & design to being 100% obsessed! I knew my way around bridge cameras fairly well, However i didn't know much about SLR’s and how they worked. Step in a close friend of mine who lent me her original Olympus OM-1 film camera to learn all the ins and outs of aperture control, metering, shutter speeds and manual focusing. I was Hooked instantly!

Step forward a few years and a jump to digital in 2006 with a Canon EOS 30D, i started to really get into the swing of things taking photos of family events & weddings, talking to the hired photographers and helping carry bags at these events who gave me the inspiration to continue to pursue photography to its fullest…

I saved all my money to be able to afford a 2nd hand Nikon D200 in 2010 for an up trip to the east coast of the USA. I was attending events, doing photo shoots for musicians due to having some great friends in the scene. I made the jump back to Canon in 2011 when i purchased a EOS 5D Mk2 due to the need for better low light performance.

Over the past couple years i have been strongly linked with the Cosplay scene that runs along with Comic Cons to which i have accumulated a very diverse range of images thanks to all the wonderful people i have met since 2012.

Since 2013 i have had a professional working relationship with Carillion Guitars in Dorking Surrey.

In 2017 after a period of time of bad luck with health,  i was unfortunate to be diagnosed with multiple slipped discs in my back. with a long road to recovery every area of weight reduction had to be considered. My already pondering mind had made the decision to leave Canon and move to Sony on the advice of some very well respected photographers. This is possibly the best photographic decision i have ever made! Quality and sharpness has increased , Weight has dropped dramatically, and all while  still allowing me to keep hold of my  Canon lenses. If you would like to know more about my DSLR to Mirrorless switch please feel free to ask questions.

Fantastic! Drop me an email and i shall respond as quickly as possible.

I have a couple of set rates to make things easier


Headshots (1 Hour) -- £250

Location shoot (2 Hour)-- £325

Half Day Location Shoots (4 Hours)-- £450

Full Day Location Shoots (8 Hours)-- POA


Portrait Studio Shoot  (2 Hours)-- £500

Cosplay Studio Shoot (2 Hours)-- £500

Half Day Studio Shoot (4 Hours)--  £750

Full Day Studio (8 Hours)--  £1100


Please contact me directly for Commercial figures.


All shoots include: Processing & Digital distribution.

Additional cost of £20 is applicable for USB Stick of images.

Travel is chargeable at a rate of £0.45 per mile over 35 miles.

Camera Equipment

Computer Equipment

Camera Body: Sony Alpha A1

Camera Body: Sony A7R IV

Camera Body: Sony A7S III

Lens: Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 G Master 

Lens: Sony 70-200mm F/2.8 G Master

Lens: Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Art

Lens: Sigma  105mm F1.4 - Art

Lens: Sigma  14-24mm F2.8 - Art

Lighting: 3x Rotolight Neo 2 

Lighting: 2x Rotolight Aeos

Flash Trigger: Elinchrom Skyport

Filters: Hoya UV + Polarising filters

Diffusers: Westcott & Lastolite 

Tripod: Manfrotto Tripod 

Monopod: Manfrotto Xplor Fluid Monopod

Shoulder Bag: Manfrotto  Bumblebee M-30

Roll Bag: Vanguard Alta Fly 62T

Memory cards: Sony, Sandisk, Lexar SD Cards

CPU:  Overclocked AMD 3950K @ 4ghz

Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme X570

RAM: Corsair Dominator 128GB DDR4 3600mhz

Case: Lian Li D600BW

PSU: Corsair HX1200i

Graphics: PNY Nvidia A6000

NIC: Intel X550-T2 10GBe

Boot: Samsung 970  Pro - 2TB

Scratch: 2x  2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus (RAID 1)   

Games: 2x 1TB Samsung 850 Evo

  Monitor: 3x Asus Pro Art 27" 1440p monitor 

  KB & Mouse: Razer Naga Mouse & Corsair K95 Keyboard (MX Red)

Wacom Intuos Large

OS: Windows 11 Pro WS & MacOS Monterey

Laptop: Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 (Late 2013)

Tablet: Apple iPad Pro 512GB

Data Storage: Custom 180Tb Storage Server (10x 18Tb HGST Ultrastars)

Why i Chose the Sony Alpha A7R II & My Gear